Thank you for your interest in taking your presentations to the next level!

The RESONATE method is unique for the following reasons:

1. Combines an effective 5-step process, with speedy content creation using The 5P Formula blueprint. (Click 
here for the 5P Formula worksheet)

2. Incorporates Cross-cultural communication, intelligence, & dimensions, for maximum impact with mixed audiences.

3. Applies hybrid Delivery techniques, plus tips for Public Speaking, Facilitation, Objection and Q&A handling.

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The RESONATE Method applies the following five step approach to achieve maximum

Impact and Results for your presentation or pitch –






For Your Content:

We apply The 5P Formula for developing your content in alignment with the above method.

This blueprint can be used for quickly creating and modifying your presentations, and will serve you well for all future presentations.

The 5P Formula consists of –

1P = Position Yourself and Your Audience

2P = Position the Problem

3P = Position Your Solution

4P = Position Your Proof

5P = Position Your Call to Action

In addition, we share our ongoing research on effectively communicating and presenting

to Cross-cultural audiences.

Concepts & ideas applied for the CONTENT take into consideration the following:

- Geert Hofstede on Cultural Dimensions -

Culture’s Consequences: International Differences in Work-Related Values”

- Intercultural Communication Institute -

The Intercultural Effectiveness Scale”

- Presentation Secrets - “Do What You Never Thought Possible With Your Presentations”.

  1. Kapterev)

- The Visual Communications Book - “Using Words, Drawings, and Whiteboards to Sell Big Ideas”. (M. Edwards)

For your Delivery:

We combine and leverage presentation tools to help you achieve strong delivery results using:



Whiteboard/Flip Chart

Online Platforms (Zoom, Go2Meeting, WebEx)

These are emphasized during the CONVEY, COLLABORATE, and CONVINCE stages.

At RESONATE, techniques are shared for confident public speaking & delivery, as well as the FACILITATION skills needed to influence your audience.

Finally, we go over tips for confidently and professionally handling the following:

OBJECTIONS (using E.A.R.S model)

Q & A (using T.A.C.T. model)

Concepts & ideas applied for the DELIVERY take into consideration the following:

- Effective Facilitation - “The SMART Guide to Getting Results with Groups”. (M. Wilkinson)

- Talk Like TED - “The 9 Public Speaking Secrets of the World’s Top Minds”. (C. Gallo)

- Whiteboard Selling - “Empowering Sales through Visuals”. (C. Sommers/D. Jenkins)

- Artful Persuasion - “How to Command attention, Change Minds & Influence People”. (H. Mills)

The Content and Delivery are applied & practiced at the RESONATE workshop.