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Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, RESONATE helps Startups, Small Business Owners, and Multicultural Teams to grow their skills & business.

Our Services

You may not get a second chance to make a good first impression, so it is highly important to engage with key multicultural stakeholders effectively…right from the start.

We are here to help you apply the RESONATE Method to achieve results. Frequently, professionals such as yourself ask us the following questions:

* “How can I maximize the impact of my presentations with Clients & Investors?”

* “What can I do to increase results with our Teams?”

* ”What shortcuts and tools can I leverage to shift to the next level?”

Presentation Training

Increase the impact of your presentations with clients, teams, and investors by strengthening content & delivery

Leadership Coaching

Assess your current skills in Leading vs. Managing, and get support for leading and managing cross-cultural teams

Sales Training & Coaching

Help improve your closing ratios, deal flow, and sales process to boost sales. Leverage 1-to-1 coaching to help you maximize team results

Diversity & Inclusion Training

Raise awareness & skills in D&I, which has been shown to increase financial returns, improve innovation, and yield better decision making

Accelerate Program

Increase targeted prospect appointments, boost sales conversions, and maximize deal flow

Custom Training Videos

Shooting and Editing videos of your internal trainings with SMEs & Technical Trainers, including Instruction Design


The RESONATE team are experienced in successfully training and coaching individuals and groups globally.

We have helped professionals & teams in the areas of Presentations Skills, Sales Enablement, Value Selling, and Leadership at the following companies:

Equinix, Travelport, DataDirect Networks, Huawei Technologies, OneBeacon Insurance, AvisBudget Group, Venture Greenhouse, FLP International, S.F. Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center, and UC Berkeley.

  • We look forward to supporting you in your own Messaging for Results!
  • Take your Presentation, Sales and Leadership skills to new levels
  • Communicate with confidence
  • Resonate with your audience
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Growth Marketing Services

Is your sales team currently getting enough qualified, targeted prospects and delivering strong performance results overall?

If you want to increase sales revenue with MidMarket and Enterprise clients, then we’re ready to help you!

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San Francisco Professionals Presentation Training Group ( Read More)
Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, RESONATE was founded by Cesar Viana Teague, who helps small business owners. (Read More)
Cesar has been an excellent Sales Strategy Coach for the past year. Cesar helped me in strategizing and leveraging selling techniques for my team that resulted in an amazing attraction of new clients and business opportunities.


“Cesar’s coaching is of great value for my work. My results over the past 4 years has ranged from 22% to 38% increases annually in sales overall.”